Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Calling for Channel Partners!!

FSL Software Technologies Ltd wishes to call for partners across all over India for the distribution of Compliance Mantra Software
FSL Software Technologies Ltd is a large software development house, having many products and very large number of clients..
The software runs on internet and does not require the customer to invest on hardware. The software is user friendly runs from day one and would automate all the operations / functions of Professionals' Office including Income Tax, Audit, Consultancy, Company Law, Content Reference and Office Management. We shall be providing full technical support and assure that the software is available to the customer on internet all the times.
 Created on a base of workflows and dashboard driven navigation the user experience and feel of the application is made to make users more productive and to enable them to deliver better services.
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Monday, January 16, 2012

Have Maximum ROI – Invest in Compliance Mantra !!

To determine a small aspect called “Legal Compliance”, how do ensure “No Penalties” and “Maximum ROI”?

1.How much penalties have you paid for your Service Tax not filled in Time?

2.How do keep a track of the Income Tax Return filled or not on time when most of your compliance officer change the job frequently?

3.Are you able to ensure timely submission for your CST, VAT when you are dependent on different people in different locations?

4.Do you get overwhelmed often with loads and piles of files for the compliance for Factory Act, Environment etc.?

5.What do you when you are not able to remember the Due Dates for submission for the Annual Reports for NSE & BSE / SEBI/ Export Promotion Council(s)etc.

6.Do you often get irritated by mailing your internal departments for timely submissions of Compliances?

7.How much time you have to spend to check the status of compliance due and not done?

8.Are you able to see the Compliance Status MIS for all your Locations and all your Companies at a single go?

Let’s not Waste our Time and Energy, in Running after every one for your Compliances

Why to Pay Huge Penalties and have Stress?

When Peace from Non – Compliance could be attained at a Throw Away Price


Compliance Mantra 

– A web based tool to Track and Monitor Compliance

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Compliance Challenges

Are You Worried About the Challenges for Compliance Tracking & Monitoring?
As You Know Failure of Any of the Non-Compliances Can Lead To:
Huge Penalties.....
Time Wastage.....
And many many more......

Multi location compliance monitoring is a challenge

How if, sitting at any location, you can monitor compliance for all locations
Multiple people handling different compliance issue – how to ensure timely submission is a challenge

What if you could track all responsible person’s compliance status at one go
No mechanism to give alerts to meet the deadline is a challenge, need to maintain files
How if, you could see your own alerts and other employees compliance alerts at one single click

Defining requirements every time increases manual work

What if, a solution, gives you an option to define compliance only single time for years to come
Documents submitted is lost some times in files
How if, if you can upload your file into a system for future references

Not able to see compliance MIS company wise, location wise and person wise
What if a system gives you MIS on all the combinations of your choice like company wise, location wise, agency wise etc.

Timely check of the compliance issues done on time could not be possible, as it involves lot of manual and paper work
What if a solution gives you a chance to control all the compliance to done on time without any loss of information and ensure no penalty of late doing

For all Challenges One Solution

Compliance Mantra

Avoid these Challenges with One Stop Solution - Compliance Mantra

One Stop Solution To Track and Monitor Compliance

A Web Based Tool which can Track and Monitor Compliance, Irrespective of the Nature of the Business You Are Into...
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or call us at: +91-0120-3193819 or +91-120-2534066/67/68  

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Worries about Montitoring Compliance - Check Compliance Mantra

The common pain of business men, CFO’s, CEO’s, Consultants, etc. is
Too many companies, too many agencies, and too much of compliance

1.    Are you governed by too many agencies like; Income Tax, Service Tax, Sales Tax, VAT, PF, ESI,    ROC/MCA, etc. & etc.?
2.    Are you able to track their due dates and actual compliance?
3.    Are you finding it difficult to control the target dates / compliance dates of various compliances?
4.    Are you able to find the required papers, acknowledgement, etc. when you need?

To get peace,
Look at Compliance Mantra
Our unique software solution, specially designed to monitor compliances.

The solution starts from Rs. 25,000/- onwards.

For details, please call or write to:

1.    Mr. Umang Jain
2.    Ms. Priyanka Verma
3.    Ms. Sonal Khosla

You can also call at: +91-120-2534066/67/68
Write to us at:

We would be pleased to serve you!!
FSL Software Technologies Ltd.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wise & Safe Investment Strategies

As we all know that “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. Since market is fluctuating to a greater extent, how investors should insure a safe return?

It’s a good time to invest in certain stocks for a long term perspective. How do we ensure that we choose the right stocks for our portfolio? Do we analyze their past performance or just as the market is down and people think to invest to achieve the returns? 

What’s the idea behind the investments that you do? Either for you or for your client or for your company, can people give a clarification why to invest in particular stock? Since returns being the most attractive point for any investor, how can we convince our self for a particular stock as our best portfolio?

There are question that people need an answer that is why they go for personal advisors, advisory firms and at time software solutions, which can generate some reports based on the performance of stocks. It’s difficult at times to be judgmental about portfolio, but it’s the fact that its high time people should think before investing. 

Go for the correct solution!!

Share your views!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Tax Planning for Investing Activities

Tax planning for the investments done, often worries the investors and puts under dilemma with various questions unanswered:

What if,
If you get the

Estimated tax liabilities

The calculations done for dividend stripping:

Dis-allowance u/s 94(7)
Dis-allowance u/s 94(8)
Short - term gains/losses
Long - term gains/losses

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FINORB: Investment Through Technological Solution

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