Monday, January 16, 2012

Have Maximum ROI – Invest in Compliance Mantra !!

To determine a small aspect called “Legal Compliance”, how do ensure “No Penalties” and “Maximum ROI”?

1.How much penalties have you paid for your Service Tax not filled in Time?

2.How do keep a track of the Income Tax Return filled or not on time when most of your compliance officer change the job frequently?

3.Are you able to ensure timely submission for your CST, VAT when you are dependent on different people in different locations?

4.Do you get overwhelmed often with loads and piles of files for the compliance for Factory Act, Environment etc.?

5.What do you when you are not able to remember the Due Dates for submission for the Annual Reports for NSE & BSE / SEBI/ Export Promotion Council(s)etc.

6.Do you often get irritated by mailing your internal departments for timely submissions of Compliances?

7.How much time you have to spend to check the status of compliance due and not done?

8.Are you able to see the Compliance Status MIS for all your Locations and all your Companies at a single go?

Let’s not Waste our Time and Energy, in Running after every one for your Compliances

Why to Pay Huge Penalties and have Stress?

When Peace from Non – Compliance could be attained at a Throw Away Price


Compliance Mantra 

– A web based tool to Track and Monitor Compliance

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