Sunday, December 18, 2011

Compliance Challenges

Are You Worried About the Challenges for Compliance Tracking & Monitoring?
As You Know Failure of Any of the Non-Compliances Can Lead To:
Huge Penalties.....
Time Wastage.....
And many many more......

Multi location compliance monitoring is a challenge

How if, sitting at any location, you can monitor compliance for all locations
Multiple people handling different compliance issue – how to ensure timely submission is a challenge

What if you could track all responsible person’s compliance status at one go
No mechanism to give alerts to meet the deadline is a challenge, need to maintain files
How if, you could see your own alerts and other employees compliance alerts at one single click

Defining requirements every time increases manual work

What if, a solution, gives you an option to define compliance only single time for years to come
Documents submitted is lost some times in files
How if, if you can upload your file into a system for future references

Not able to see compliance MIS company wise, location wise and person wise
What if a system gives you MIS on all the combinations of your choice like company wise, location wise, agency wise etc.

Timely check of the compliance issues done on time could not be possible, as it involves lot of manual and paper work
What if a solution gives you a chance to control all the compliance to done on time without any loss of information and ensure no penalty of late doing

For all Challenges One Solution

Compliance Mantra

Avoid these Challenges with One Stop Solution - Compliance Mantra

One Stop Solution To Track and Monitor Compliance

A Web Based Tool which can Track and Monitor Compliance, Irrespective of the Nature of the Business You Are Into...
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